Well here we go again. Once again this spring 2011 in Oregon we are blessed with cold, wet, soggy, gloom and doom rainy weather.

When they say a "chance of rain", "showers", "rain", or even "partly cloudy" in the forecast they mean it is going to rain. Not just a brief little sprinkle, but usually most of the day.

You folks that live in other parts of the country are lucky. When they say rain it is maybe a day or two. Or, it is just light and clears up later in the day.

This isn't the case when it comes to many parts of Oregon. Just a slight mention of rain means all day. Sometimes for weeks, even months strait like the entire month of March 2011.

The weather forecasters tease us with this big nice sunny warm day that is supposed to come along. Sometimes that happens, other times it doesn't. Even if it does, next thing you know it is rainy for a week+ again.

If you can't handle a lot of rain, cloudy, gloomy doomy overcast weather for months upon end, don't even consider moving to Oregon. You will be very disappointed, and there is a good chance you will suffer a bout of depression. I'm not joking!

Because of this Oregon Sucks!