Oregon is pushing the whole green thing. It ranks fairly high overall for recycling and environment friendly business and recreation. Although this is generally regarded as a good thing, I have to ask where does one draw the line?

I would say I do a better than average job at recycling and helping the environment. I am sure I could do more, but I certainly could do much less than what I do.

The state of Oregon is trying to pass a law or a ban they call it on plastic bags at the supermarket / grocery store or whatever you like to call it. There is a push for paper bags only, and ultimately they would prefer people use the cloth or re-usable bags. The city of Portland is trying to push the ban through before the rest of the state.

There are lots of conflicting information about plastic vs. paper. Depending on who you want to believe I guess. You will find information that one is better or worse than the other, and vice versa.

Oregon Sucks
I for one do not like the idea of putting certain products in paper bags or in re-usable cloth bags for that matter. Raw meat comes to mind. Raw meat just belongs in plastic throw away bags if you ask me.

It would appear that the city of Portland will likely pass this ban, while the rest of the state is up in the air yet with state law makers.

Oregon comes up with some of the most ridiculous thoughts and ideas, not to mention laws.

Because of this Oregon Sucks!