When fall sets in the rain begins. It's like one day it's summer and the next it's winter. Once the rain starts falling, it continues pretty much non-stop all fall and winter long. Sometimes it's just light drizzle, and other days it's a hard down pour.

Just about every day it rains though. It's dark and gloomy overcast every day, which can start to bother people over time and lead to depression. You would be surprised how much difference the sun makes in your life.

Oregon Winter Sucks

The sad thing is many of the people that live in Oregon or grew up here all their life actually look forward to the rainy season.
They seem to enjoy gloomy cloudy overcast rain every single day for 4 to 6 months strait. I don't understand how that is something to look forward to or to get excited about.

One thing about the weather in Oregon in winter the Meteoroligist / Weather man / Weather woman has one heck of an easy job. All they have to do is say it will be 40-45 degrees and raining.

So if you are not used to gloom and doom associated with all day every day rain, then you might avoid moving to or visiting Oregon in winter.

Oregon winters just suck!

Because of this I say Oregon Sucks!